Bodybuilder, big star, ‘I can’t believe I have to say this’

Bodybuilder and former Olympic champion Stephen Connery has revealed how his “biggest dream” was to win an Olympic gold medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2020.

The 38-year-old is a six-time Olympic champion and is currently the top bodybuilder in the world and has been the subject of countless celebrity and tabloid profiles since he won a silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Games.

Mr Connery says he had always been “very humble” and “kind of selfish” with his achievements, but that he realised in the past year that “the more you get in the gym, the more you do”.

He says the success of his two Olympic titles and his three world championships “made me realise that you have to be selfish”.

He told the ABC he believes “I’m not the only one who is doing this, but I am a big part of it.”

I can see the results.

And I am not averse to being in the spotlight.

“Mr Conington, who is the host of the popular ABC show Bodybuilder on The Biggest Loser, also revealed he has “no regrets” about his role in Australia’s bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games.”

There are two things I would say: that I’m really proud of, and also I think I’ve got a lot of room for improvement,” he said.”

If I didn’t do this, the country would have been the worst.

“The Olympics are a great way to showcase Australia.

They are an amazing way to build community and build something.”

Mr Conway is one of five bodybuilders who have all signed up to represent Australia at the Olympics.

He is also the only bodybuilder to have competed in the Olympics at both a World Championships and a World Games.

While bodybuilding is one part of his life that he will never forget, he is also deeply affected by the “disaster” of the Great Barrier Reef, which was destroyed by the 2014-15 El Nino.

“My greatest fear is that if the Great Flood continues for another two years, we are going to be in the same position as the Great Storm, which devastated Queensland for four years,” he told The ABC.

“That would be my greatest regret.”

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