When you want to know what women want, look no further than big-titted arimidextreme bodybuilder Elisa C. Smith

The “Biggest Female Bodybuilder” is a real-life name for a former professional bodybuilder who has built an impressive body with impressive physique.

But the actress was born a man, and the reality star’s true identity is more complicated.

Smith, 33, is not just a bodybuilder.

The reality star, who appeared in the hit TV series “The Biggest Loser” as a contestant, is also a real life female bodybuilding competitor who has gone on to compete in competitions with bigger and bigger weights.

Smith has been a big-time professional bodybuilding champion since 2010.

But her real-world accomplishments include competing in the U.S. National Championship, which she won in 2015, and competing in a 2015 bodybuilding competition in New Jersey, according to USA Today.

Smith said she wanted to make the best of her life and become the best female body builder she could be.

Smith was born on April 17, 1972 in Detroit, Michigan.

Her father was a construction worker and her mother worked at a gas station.

Smith had a lot of fun growing up.

She said her parents had a love for cooking and cooking food, so she spent her childhood eating breakfast and dinner and making breakfast and lunch with her dad.

She went to an all-girls school.

Smith’s mother died of cancer when Smith was in sixth grade.

Smith told USA Today she is still battling her disease, but said she is confident she will make it through the process.

She is confident in her body.

Her diet has been very healthy, and I am also very active.

I have been able to train a lot and get really strong.

I also have a really good support system with my friends and family, including my sister, and they have been very supportive.

Smith competed at the U and National Championships in 2016, winning in her weight class.

She took home $1.8 million for the season, a record for a female bodybuilders.

Smith earned $3.6 million for her weight classes in 2017 and $5.2 million in 2018.

She also won the Women’s Biggest Las Vegas Championship in 2019.

Smith is also an accomplished photographer.

She has worked as a photographer for multiple publications including PEOPLE, PEOPLE Magazine, People and Sports Illustrated.

She shared her experience with People Magazine about her experience working as a bodybuilding photographer.

“When I am competing, I really don’t get a chance to do my normal routine, but I do get to look at people and take pictures of them and feel their energy,” Smith told People.

“It’s a little bit of an art form.”

Smith said her focus for the future is to be a professional body builder.

“I want to build on that, and build on what I did before, which is to compete,” Smith said.

“The next step is to build from there.”

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