Bodybuilder Nick Walker gets hit with a defamation lawsuit

Bodybuilder and former UFC fighter Nick Walkers attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the UFC alleging that the MMA fighter defamed him and the organization.

The suit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court claims that Walkers statements about the UFC and the UFC’s handling of the case defamed the UFC as a whole and the website.

Walkers, a member of the world’s top MMA promotion, UFC, has been embroiled in a defamation suit for a while, having been named as the defendant in a 2014 defamation suit filed against him by former MMA fighter and former boxing promoter Floyd Mayweather.

Walkers claims the UFC made “false and defamatory statements” in the lawsuit against him and other UFC fighters in 2015, but the UFC denies the allegations.

“Defendants made false and defamsatory statements against Plaintiffs, which include, without limitation, that Plaintiff and others engaged in a conspiracy to defraud the UFC by, among other things, attempting to obtain payments from UFC by false and/or misleading statements,” the suit states.

“Defendants have made false, defamatories and/and malicious statements against Plaintiff and other members of the UFC team, including Plaintiff, and others as well.

Defendants have falsely asserted that Plaintiff was an employee of the Defendants, as well as made false statements about Plaintiff’s credibility and reputation, including false statements regarding Plaintiff’s alleged involvement in an attempted rape and attempted murder of Plaintiff’s friend.”

According to the lawsuit, Walkers is suing for “actual damages, punitive damages, attorneys fees, costs and expenses.”

Walkers attorney John DellaVedova said he will be seeking unspecified damages for the “false statements and malicious acts.”

According the suit, the UFC was aware of the allegations about Walkers prior to Walkers filing the lawsuit and decided not to pursue the matter.

The UFC is “deeply concerned about the defamations that Mr. Walker is alleging,” a UFC spokesperson said in a statement to MMAjunkie.

“We are working closely with Nick and his attorneys to determine the best course of action to defend ourselves and to ensure that any claims against the Defendants are dismissed.”

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