Bodybuilders and professionals: Bodybuilding macros

By Emily Schreiber and Emily [email protected] latest version of the ABCs Bodybuilding Macros Calculator app is now available to download.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

“The Macros calculator app is an easy-to-use way to get the most out of the calculator, with simple, quick steps to estimate your bodybuilding goals,” said the app’s author, David McQuaid.

A few key points to note about the app: -You can estimate your goals and gain access to a variety of bodybuilding programs and equipment.

-The app shows you your bodyweight, height and other metrics to help you compare your current training to your goal.

You can set a daily goal and set an hourly goal and calculate your daily and weekly goals.

If you have a question about your bodybuilder goals or the app, contact David Mcquaid.

You can find out more about the ABC’s Bodybuilding macros calculator here.

More to come.


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