Bodybuilders, Bodybuilders Gay Video: Endomorph

Bodybuilders and gay bodybuilders are all about sharing a bodybuilding story.

And while there’s been plenty of great bodybuilding stories to come, this new one is worth taking the time to read.

The gay bodybuilder is Chad Broussard, and he’s the founder of Endomorph Bodybuilding.

Brousard has a long history of being a bodybuilder.

He’s also a friend of the creator of the gay bodybuilding sub-genre, Ryan Miller, and the two are now partners.

Boudreaux tells me that Chad and Ryan are big fans of each other’s work, so they decided to work together on Endomorph’s video for the gay video.

It’s a simple, well-shot, gay body build video with lots of gay body builders doing it.

Baudreaux told me that they were inspired by Ryan Miller’s work and want to be the first to bring Endomorph to the gay community.

“We wanted to be as accessible as possible, so we didn’t have to worry about the content of the videos or anything,” he says.

Chad and his partners have also added a few extra details to the video to make it a bit more accessible.

“I’ve had a lot of guys say that I’m gay,” he said.

“And so we wanted to make sure that it was very clear that that’s not the case, so it’s not like, oh, I’m going to be straight or whatever.

It kind of works with that.”

The guys have also included a number of other gay-friendly gay body building tropes, like having an old guy in the background who looks like a gay man.

Bambi, an older gay guy, is in the foreground and the other guys in the back are wearing outfits that are similar to those worn by guys of the same sex.

But Brouson’s video is much more than just about gay body-building.

“This video is about the gay subgenre,” he told me.

“It’s about a gay subculture that is growing and has a lot to do with gay body modeling.”

In fact, the video also serves as a kind of manifesto for Endomorph.

“Endomorph is a gay body builder and a gay person who enjoys bodybuilding,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

“So I decided to make a video for Endorph that I would share with you, so you can know about gay people who like bodybuilding and people who don’t.

It also is a video about gay bodies and gay bodies, gay bodies in bodybuilding, gay people, bodybuilding bodies, bodybuilders, gay person.”

The video has received a lot more than praise from gay and bodybuilding enthusiasts.

The video quickly reached the top of the YouTube charts, and is now one of Endorph’s top videos.

It even has the help of Ryan Miller.

“The videos were a huge hit on Instagram and they went viral on Twitter and they’re one of the top YouTube videos on gay body models,” Baudret said.

That success has also given Brousa a lot support from other bodybuilders.

“People love Chad and have said that it’s awesome that they’re doing this, that it gives them an outlet for their feelings and it’s a way to express their sexuality,” Brouseaux said.

Chad has also been getting some attention from gay men and gay porn stars.

“Somebody said that Chad’s gay and they wanted to have sex with him, and so they were like, ‘Hey, let’s do that,'” Brousaid.

“A lot of people were like ‘Oh my god, you guys are so brave,’ and it was pretty hilarious.”

You can check out Chad’s full video here.

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