How to beat a bodybuilding regime

A bodybuilder has died in the Philippines, and an Australian bodybuilder is facing an attempted murder charge after a man reportedly stole the bodybuilder’s body parts and used them in an attempted robbery.

In a statement on the website, said the body of the man who died was found in a house in the city of Leyte on Thursday.

The site said he was a bodybuilder who had recently taken a break from competing in bodybuilding competitions.

It added that the body had been stolen from his residence on Monday.

“Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time,” the website said.

It said the man had taken the body parts after stealing them from a friend’s bodybuilding shop in the same city.

The bodybuilder was identified as 41-year-old James H. D’Agostino, an Australian.

He was from the Philippines and was a member of the Bodybuilding Australia Association, according to a statement by Bodybuilding’s president Mark Jones.

D’Agustino was a popular bodybuilder in Australia and also competed in the US, according the bodybuilding website.

He was found on Thursday, the bodybuilders website said, but it was not clear if he was still in the house or on the street.

“It’s a tragedy, but we are not taking any chances and our thoughts and support is with the family,” Bodybuilding wrote on the website. said that the Australian bodybuilding association has been in contact with the police and that it had not yet received any official word about the case.

The news comes a day after two men were arrested in connection with the bodyparts theft.

The two men are said to have stolen a pair of bodybuilding shorts from a bodybuilders shop in Sydney, which the bodies were then sold on the internet for as much as $5,000 each.

Bodybuilder James H D’Aguostino (left) and Australian bodybuilders Michael Hockley (right) have been charged with a number of offences in connection to the theft of body parts.

Australian bodybuilder Michael Hockerley was arrested and charged with stealing the body from the Body Building Australia Association in Sydney.

Mr Hockerleys body parts were sold for up to $5k each on the black market, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on Tuesday.

“I have no idea what happened.

We are still trying to get answers,” a friend of the body builder’s, who wished to remain anonymous, told the newspaper.”

The whole thing has been a huge shock to everybody involved.

It’s just one of those things where there’s nothing you can do about it.

It just sort of happens.

You can’t stop it.”

The BodyBuilding Australia Association said it was in touch with the local police and would provide any information about the investigation.

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