How to look like the movie version of Jon Hamm, in the style of bodybuilder gay movie star Sean Connery

Bodybuilder gay actor Jon Hamm has had to rethink his wardrobe after he revealed he had been stripped of his bodybuilding gear, sparking outrage among fans.

The Oscar-winning actor, best known for his roles in such movies as “Catch Me If You Can” and “Caddyshack,” is famous for his iconic physique, with a physique often considered to be the benchmark of the male physique.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said that he had stripped off his gym clothes and began “baring my muscles” in order to look more like the Hollywood bodybuilder Sean Conner.

“My goal was to look as muscular as possible,” he said.

“I’ve done it twice.

It’s like a big-time workout.

It has helped me tremendously.

It looks so different.

I have a different muscle tone and feel like a different person.”

Hamm, 46, was asked about the revelation in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he described the process of getting to the point of being “more masculine.”

“I feel like I have this huge secret to my identity, and that’s what makes me who I am,” he told the publication.

“So the question is, can I talk about it?

If I can, it’s okay.

If not, that’s OK.”

Conner, 40, is also famous for having his body shape and physique enhanced through his work with the Bodybuilding Federation.

Hamm said in the interview that he is working on a film about the actor, which is slated for release next year.

Hampson’s new look is not the first to draw ire from bodybuilding fans.

The actor previously apologized for his body image in a statement in March.

“I was not very healthy at the time and have not been in good shape since,” he wrote.

“As a result, my body has become distorted and distorted my self-worth, my health and my ability to perform in front of the camera.

I apologize for this and I promise to be better.”

Hannibal Buress, who plays the lead role in “The Blacklist” on FX, was also vocal about his body being “shamed” by the bodybuilding community, but said the actor should take responsibility for his behavior.

“It’s not a question of not being able to do it,” he tweeted.

“Its a question about how you choose to accept and accept yourself for who you are.

Do you accept the flaws and flaws that you have?

Or do you accept yourself as the person that you are?”

The actor has not responded to requests for comment from The Associated Press.

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