Which Asian Bodybuilder Is Your Favorite?

A lot of people will ask you which Asian bodybuilder is your favorite.

If you’re like me, you’ll answer either a) there are so many Asian bodies out there, b) the best are only in one category or c) you have to choose a bodybuilder from every category.

And yes, if you’re not into bodybuilding, I’m sorry, but I’m not into that kind of stuff.

So, with that in mind, I asked some of the world’s most respected bodybuilders to give me their top five Asian bodybuilders.

They all have different levels of fame, fame and wealth, but all of them have different strengths and weaknesses that make them stand out from the rest.

As for me, I wanted to go with a little Asian body, but it was a little hard to pick just one because there are tons of Asian guys that have the same physique.

In addition, the bodybuilders on the list are all incredibly talented and have incredible physiques, so I decided to go in a slightly different direction and put my picks from the Asian world together in order to narrow it down.

I also wanted to put my own personal preferences into the mix and to keep it interesting, so for example, I like Asian guys who have more of a feminine, feminine approach to their bodybuilding.

The list is as follows: 1.

Hong Kong’s Kookwoo Lee – Hong Kong-born KookWoo Lee is one of the top bodybuilders in the world.

He has a ton of Asian muscle and he is the face of his bodybuilding brand.

He’s a certified strength coach, and has won two Olympic gold medals in the bodybuilding category.

Kook has been a part of the Olympic team and he’s also a personal trainer for elite bodybuilders such as American and European stars like Yushin Okami and Mike Tyson.


Hongdae Song – Hongdee Song is an elite bodybuilder who has worked in many different competitions and has earned a lot of recognition for his success.

He is known as a big bodybuilder and the head coach of the Hongdese Gym in Seoul.


Lee Kyung-min – Lee Kyun-min is a legendary figure in the Asian bodybuilding world.

The former bodybuilder, the world champion in the sport, and the reigning Olympic bodybuilding champion has been called “The Father of Asian Bodybuilding” by many of the best bodybuilders around the world, and is widely regarded as the best Asian body builder.


Jang Hyun-sik – Jang is the number two ranked Asian bodybomber in the entire world.

This year he took the gold in the World Championships in Beijing and is the reigning champion in Korea.

He’s also the current bodybuilder for the Seoul National Gym.


Kim Hyun Kim – The Korean born Kim is a well-known figure in bodybuilding circles and has a huge following.

He was the number one ranked bodybuilder in the South Korean championships in 2016 and is a huge figure in Asian body culture.

It’s not that he’s a big name, but he is respected and well-respected by the bodybuilder community.


Kim Tae-chul – Kim is the son of an influential bodybuilder.

He competed in the top level competition in the history of the body building world.

Kim has been considered a legend since he was a kid and has become one of China’s best body builders.


Kim Hye-sung – Kim, the eldest of the three siblings, is one half of the famed Kim Tung-hyun-sung.

Kim’s father is also a bodybuilding legend, and Kim is also the bodyguard to the Kim dynasty.


Joon Joon – Joon is one the most decorated bodybuilders of all time.

He went on to win four Olympic gold medal medals in his career.

He also is the president of the International Bodybuilding Federation.


Jung Hoon-woo – Jung is one step removed from Kim Taedong-ho and one of his brothers.

He became a body builder by accident after being diagnosed with leukemia.

He retired from competitive bodybuilding to focus on his health.


Lee Jae-hyuk – Lee Jae has a unique style.

He can pull off anything he wants, even as a competitor, and he has achieved a lot.


Yoo Jae-wook – Yoo is one to watch, as he’s one of Asia’s most popular bodybuilders and is also an active figure in Korean culture.

He holds the title of the most popular Asian body artist and a national treasure.


Park Yoon-jung – Park Yoo-jong is one South Korean bodybuilder to watch.

She won the Olympic gold in 2020 and has been an

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