Which celebrity has had the worst workout routine?

The Japanese bodybuilder Jana White has the second-worst workout routine, according to the NBC News Bodybuilding Index.

White’s regimen is based on three workouts: a workout on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.

On Friday, she trains with no equipment at all, with her coach, the Bodybuilding Institute.

On Monday, White works up to an 8 a.m. workout with no weight or volume, then heads to the gym on Tuesday with a total of 15 pounds of equipment.

She then works up for a 10:30 a.k.m.-10:45 p.m., workout on Wednesday, and then goes to the weight room on Thursday with a 15-pound weight and volume.

She also trains on Friday with no weights or volume at all.

White has never used the “biggest” weight she could lift before the workout, according the BodyBuilding Institute.

White said she was not able to do a squat for three months because she is “overweight,” and she has never done a power cleans.

“I’ve never done anything more heavy than the barbell, because it was so much easier to lift,” White said.

White had two previous absions and three abscesses, which she had to go to the hospital for, but the abscess healed.

“The last time I had an abscess I was in the hospital with a chest infection, so I was really scared,” she said.

She said her doctor gave her a prescription for a blood thinner.

She said she tried to avoid going to the doctor at all costs, because she thought she had a chronic infection.

White also had an ear infection that eventually required a procedure.

She is now using a special ear mike to keep her ear clear of the water, and she said she still hears a few strange noises from her ears.

“It’s scary, because I always thought I had hearing problems, and now I have an ear that’s constantly ringing,” White told NBC News.

She told NBC Sports that she has tried to get a tattoo on her neck to help her with her training.

“My doctors said it’s impossible,” she told NBC.

“They said it would be too big for me, so now I’m having a baby girl.”

White is currently training for her first competition on March 2, 2018, at the Bodybuilders World Championships.

She has won her last four bodybuilding competitions.

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