Why I Quit Bodybuilding and Become a Gym Rat

By now you may have heard of bodybuilding.

I’ll admit that it was the first thing I ever heard about when I was about 13 years old.

I had my first workout class at my gym, and I was excited to be in the building, and this was a group of kids that were very, very competitive.

I started lifting weights at a young age, and after that I went to my first bodybuilding show in New York City.

The gym was a gym in the heart of Harlem, and there was a show that came out at the same time.

I was watching the show from the comfort of my apartment.

The building had a lot of people.

The first show I saw was this guy named Bill Riddle.

Bill was the one who introduced me to the sport.

He had a really big personality and was really charismatic.

He was just an awesome guy.

He introduced me at that point to the whole bodybuilding world.

I’m going to go into a little bit of detail about that because he was such a huge figure in the sport, and he introduced me.

I saw a lot more people like him that were in bodybuilding at that time, and that’s when I started to really really get interested in bodybuilders.

I ended up doing a couple of bodypart classes and I started taking part in competitions and doing a lot.

But that was all before I started my first gym class, and so that was when I got into the business.

When I started training in New Jersey, I went up to the gym and I saw that they were building a gym, I started going up to see them.

I didn’t have any bodybuilding training before that, so I didn’ understand how hard the sport was, but I was like, ‘This is so awesome, I can’t wait to get out there and compete and see what this sport is all about.’

I went back to the States and I trained with a few guys and started getting into competitions.

I’d go to events in New England and then I’d start going to competitions in other places, and my first one in the UK was in Liverpool.

The second event I won, it was a competition in a gym that I’d trained at in my first year of school.

So that was a huge step for me, and then after that was in Chicago, and finally New York.

I went down to California and I got my first competition.

I actually had two, but they were my first and my second competition were in Los Angeles.

I won one in Chicago and one in Los.

I did both in Los, but the first one was in New Orleans and I had a real bad crash in New New York and it happened to me.

That was pretty bad.

I crashed, and when I went into surgery the surgeon asked me, ‘Who’s that?’ and I said, ‘My name is John.’

He said, “Oh, you’re a bodybuilder.”

I said “Oh yes, I’m a bodybuilding competitor, I just won a competition.”

He said “You’re John Glass.”

I was just stunned and I wasn’t sure if I was going to believe it or not.

I thought, ‘Well, that’s cool, I’ll believe it when I see it.

It was my first time in a competition, and it was in the best gym in New Zealand.

I don’t think I’ll be able to believe what I just saw.’

That’s when my first training partners were in the gym, so they were like, “Hey, John, let’s go training with you.”

So that’s what we were doing.

I trained for almost five years with my first partners, and at the end of that time I decided that I had to quit bodybuilding and go to bodybuilding competitions.

That’s how I started competing, because I started looking at competitions as a way to learn.

I never thought I was gonna be a body builder, I never had the body to compete in body building, so the first competition I got in, I won.

The other two were in England and in Los as well.

I just never really thought I would ever be able, but after that, I always thought I’d be able.

My second bodypart competition I won and the third was in London.

That last one, it came down to the wire, and the guy that won that one, he was a friend of mine and he got in the ring and he had the best match-up.

He won the competition, he won the match-ups, he got the win.

He’s just a real nice guy and he’s an amazing competitor, so when I saw him winning, I was really happy and I’m glad that I did.

I always believed that I could be in a better position than most people, and being in a contest like that and going in there and being able to win the competition and win a win, that was an incredible

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