Why is it that men have been fighting this fight for years?

Bodybuilder and bodybuilder-turned-activist Conor Murphy says the industry has been slow to address the issue and that the bodybuilding industry is failing to recognise and accept the fact that men can be androgynous and that men who want to look masculine still need to take care of their physical health and physical performance.

“Bodybuilding has always been about the physical aspects of masculinity.

Bodybuilding has been about making sure men look like the best they can be.

The fact that the world has not accepted that bodybuilding is about the sexual aspect of masculinity is just appalling,” Murphy told The Daily Beast.

“If you want to make the argument that it is about men’s physical appearance, then I don’t see that.”

Murphy also questioned whether bodybuilders have ever questioned the value of their bodies and said that bodybuilders should look into the health of their own bodies and work on creating a healthier and more active lifestyle.

“The thing that I think is happening is that body building has become the ‘sex’ thing, and then all the bodies are sex,” he said.

“So now the question is, what is the value?

Because if you’re a bodybuilder and you’re just doing it to make money, you’re going to have more money.

You’re going have a lot more money than if you were just doing a job.

So that’s the thing that has gone wrong.”

I mean, the value has always come out of the body.

So when the body has been the value, then that has been a thing that’s been accepted.

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