Bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to the gym after surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to work on Monday following surgery to repair a blood clot that blocked his blood vessels and damaged his heart.

The actor was due to visit a local clinic on Wednesday to undergo an operation to remove the clot and is expected to resume training later this week.

The condition is similar to that of another bodybuilder who underwent heart surgery in February, when he was told he could no longer perform in-person workouts and had to undergo a cardiac catheterisation.

Schwarzenegger, 54, has since starred in films such as The Terminator, The Expendables and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

However, his comeback is still a long way off.

“We are going to try to go back as soon as possible,” Schwarzenegger told a news conference in Los Angeles on Monday.

It was not clear how much time Schwarzenegger would be able to be back in the gym.

He will have to spend a few days recovering, including the removal of the clot, which caused him to stop performing physical exercises in March.

While the bodybuilder may not have been able to compete in his own bodybuilding contest this year, his return to training will be welcome news to those who have suffered from blood clots.

The bodybuilder suffered a blood clot in his left chest on February 15, after surgery to remove a blood vessel blocked his heart, according to news reports.

Doctors then said he could not compete in the contest due to a condition called angina pectoris.

Angina pectoralis is an inflammation of the heart muscle.

The medical community had previously warned against doing cardio-therapy exercises, such as weightlifting, until after a cardiac intervention was found.

The actor has since made a video appeal to athletes, saying he would continue to work out, but that he was determined to get back to training after the surgery.

He has also been working out with a personal trainer in the past few weeks, and has recently posted a video on Instagram showing off his newly improved physique.

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