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Reuters A woman in a bikini in an advertising campaign for Bodybuilders Inc said in an interview with Reuters that she had received a tattoo that said “bodybuilding” and said she planned to start her own tattoo business.

Sophie Bouchard, who has been working in advertising for Bodybuilder Inc for several years, told Reuters on Wednesday that she decided to take the advice of a bodybuilder, the founder of the company, and tattoo artist and tattoo specialist Paul Dolan, who told her to stop using “bodybuilder” as a title because it had been tarnished.

“I’ve been asked a lot about bodybuilding and tattoos, and I wanted to know, why are you doing it?

Why are you going to do it?” she said.

Bouchard said she had already received a few requests for the tattoo to be removed, but Dolan advised her that “bodybuilders are the best, they have a good body and a great body”.

“It’s OK to use the word ‘bodybuilder’ because it’s very trendy.

People can be influenced by this,” she said, adding that the tattoo would not go unnoticed by other tattooers and bodybuilders.

Buchanan, a British-born tattoo artist, said he had tattooed women who worked in advertising, but not bodybuilders in the past.

“They’re a different type of client,” he said.

“We don’t do bodybuilders and it’s OK that people want to have tattoos of them.”

Bodybuilder Inc is one of the most popular brands in the United States.

It has more than 20 million registered members, according to data from the company’s website.

The tattoo business is popular among younger tattooers.

The business is booming, with business increasing by almost 300 percent since 2007, according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Dolan said in his interview with the Reuters reporter that his tattoos had been a “little bit tarnished” over the years.

“It could be a little bit of damage to my reputation, I don’t want it to be a big deal,” he told the reporter.

“Somebody asked me if I had been using ‘bodybuilding’ and I said no.

That’s not the reason.

I just use my real name, but people will recognize me.”

Dolan also said he could not be contacted for comment.

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