How to Get Your Fart Out of Your Mouth in 10 Easy Steps

By: Lauren F. Miller / January 15, 2018 / 11:10 a.m.


Eat something delicious.2.

Drink some water.3.

Get a massage.4.

Go for a run.5.

Talk to your dog.6.

Have a good time.7.


Eat a bowl of cereal.9.

Drink more water.10.

Put on some music.9a.

Eat some yogurt.10b.

Drink a bowl or two of cereal while watching TV.11.

Play with your dog, take some baths, play games, or even do yoga.12.

Play some video games.13.

Have fun.14.

Have some exercise.15.

Go to the beach.16.

Talk with your doctor about any health concerns you may have.17.

Get your massage.18.

Go out for a walk.19.

Play sports.20.

Go grocery shopping.21.

Go camping.22.

Watch a movie.23.

Go on a walk or do some gardening.24.

Play an instrument.25.

Play a guitar.26.

Have sex.27.

Go bowling.28.

Go shopping.29.

Watch some television.30.

Play guitar or a bass.31.

Go fishing.32.

Play music.33.

Get out of the house.34.

Take a shower.35.

Have an orgasm.36.

Have breakfast.37.

Do yoga.38.

Do some shopping.39.

Have another coffee.40.

Have dinner.41.

Have your cat.42.

Take the dog for a stroll.43.

Have more fun.44.

Have time to relax.45.

Talk about any medical issues.46.

Drink water.47.

Get some exercise48.

Go a hike.49.

Have children.50.

Take some exercise classes.51.

Get into your best clothes.52.

Have lunch.53.

Have kids over.54.

Have coffee.55.

Go swimming.56.

Go mountain biking.57.

Go biking.58.

Go horseback riding.59.

Have the best time.60.

Have friends over.61.

Have something to eat.62.

Do a massage for a friend.63.

Go running.64.

Go cross country skiing.65.

Go hiking.66.

Go backpacking.67.

Do more yoga.68.

Do your yoga routine.69.

Have tea or coffee.70.

Take your dog for walks.71.

Have food for dinner.72.

Have ice cream.73.

Take it easy.74.

Take an hour to think about something else.75.

Play basketball.76.

Have water.77.

Go ski.78.

Take in some music or TV.79.

Go outside.80.

Take another bath.81.

Go go fishing.82.

Have to drive.83.

Do something else for awhile.84.

Go into a gym.85.

Do the laundry.86.

Go golfing.87.

Go hike.88.

Go run.89.

Go have fun.90.

Go at a sports tournament.91.

Have people over.92.

Go do some shopping for Christmas.93.

Have pizza.94.

Go home.95.

Have yoga.96.

Go somewhere quiet.97.

Go over to your neighbor’s house.98.

Have someone over.99.

Have work done.100.

Have exercise.101.

Go in a massage room.102.

Go down the beach to the ocean.103.

Go snowboarding.104.

Go skiing.105.

Go riding a horse.106.

Go shooting a bow.107.

Go tennis.108.

Go hunting.109.

Go cycling.110.

Go walking.111.

Go doing something you love.112.

Have cake.113.

Go get your nails done.114.

Go with your cat in your lap.115.

Go play tennis.116.

Go ice hockey.117.

Go sailing.118.

Go bike riding.119.

Go roller derby.120.

Go playing pool.121.

Have drinks with friends.122.

Go watch a movie or TV show.123.

Go take a walk with a friend or family member.124.

Go through the house for a little while.125.

Go walk to the pool.126.

Go swim in the lake.127.

Go kayaking.128.

Go climbing a mountain.129.

Go diving in the ocean, the lake, or the beach130.

Go rock climbing.131.

Go swing dancing.132.

Go paddleboarding.133.

Go birdwatching.134.

Go canoeing.135.

Go archery.136.

Go surfing.137.

Go snorkeling.138.

Go skydiving.139.

Go scuba diving.140.

Go the beach, but not too much.141.

Go your favorite sport.142.

Have dessert for dessert.143. Go

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