How to make your body feel good with the bodybuilding workout

I know this is one of the most requested bodybuilding workouts on the site, and it feels like the perfect way to get a great workout done. 

The workouts are all based around a bodybuilding core and core strengthening, which is exactly what I like to do. 

These workouts will definitely get you in shape and looking good in the gym, and you will get some awesome results from them. 

To get you started, here are my 3 best core workouts for the bodybuilder: 1. 

Deadlift 1 set of 20 reps The Deadlifts are a great way to add weight to your abs and core while also maintaining the shape of your abs. 

While this workout isn’t super hard, you will feel much stronger after each set than with just a regular set of 10-15 reps. 

You should aim for 3 sets of 20-30 reps.

You can also do the 2nd set of 15 reps as a warm-up if you are more into the Deadlift routine. 


Front Squat 1 set The Front Squat is one the strongest exercises on the list. 

It works the abs and helps you build up your core. 

If you are looking for a little bit more resistance than a standard squat, you can also try the Deadlifts. 


Biceps Pushdowns The Biceps Pushdown is one that I’ve done countless times, and has helped me to build my upper back, chest and back muscles. 

This is a great exercise to try if you don’t have the ability to perform a regular pushdown. 

In order to perform this exercise properly, you should aim to do 3 sets, which are roughly 15-20 reps.

I usually aim for a maximum of 30-40 reps, although this varies depending on the strength of your body. 

I like to keep my body fat at around 5-10%. 


Squat 1 This is one of my favorite exercises for adding weight to my abs and chest. 

Since it requires a bit of work, I prefer to do sets of 1-3 reps.


Overhead Dumbbell Row 1 set This is another exercise that is great for building the muscles of your back and abs.

You should start by doing sets of 15-30  reps, then switch up to sets of 10 and then start to add weight. 

As you build strength in your abs, you need to increase the weight on your chest and shoulders to ensure you can continue adding weight as you go. 6. 

Bench Press 1 set   This is one of my favorite workouts for building strength in the abs.

If you don.t have the strength to do a regular bench press, you can try the Deadslifts, which you should try to do with a little extra weight.


Pushups 1 set     This one is a great bodybuilding exercise for building up strength and muscle mass.


Leg Press 1 I like to do this with a lot of weight.

It is also great to do for adding strength to your chest, back and hips. 


Back Extensions 1 set  This is an excellent exercise for building strength in the hips, legs and abs of the body.

I recommend going for sets of 5-7 reps, with 30-50% of the resistance you can achieve with the exercise. 


Hamstrings Curls 1 set     This workout is another great workout for building core strength.

You should aim to do 5-7 sets for each leg and add some weight for each set. 


Rear Delt Raise 1 set                                             For adding strength in both the abs, shoulders and hips of the legs, you may need to add more weight to each set. 


T-Bar Row 1 Another great workout to add strength to the abs and strengthen the core of the shoulders and arms. 


Dumbbell Overhead Press 1set                                     Another great workout for adding strength to the abs.

I would recommend starting with 30 -40 rep sets, and then increasing to 60-80 rep sets after you are satisfied with your progress. 


Plank 1 set               Another great exercise for adding some weight to the back and shoulder of the body, as you will need to add more weight to your legs and hips to achieve the best results. 15. C

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