When bodybuilding cut diets don’t work: How a friend helped me lose a pound and keep it off

Bodybuilding cutting diets don�t work, according to a friend who tried them and says he�s had the same success with other forms of bodybuilding.

The friend, who asked that his name not be used, said he began cutting carbs, including bread, rice and pasta, at the age of 16 and kept it for more than a year.

The weight went down, but it was not easy, he said.

At the end of that year, he lost a pound, he weighed about 120 pounds, and his waist was at a normal height.

He said he still eats about 1,400 calories a day, and he also uses a weight loss supplement to help with his weight loss.

I used to think I was the fattest guy in the gym, he told The Jerusalem Report.

I didn�t think I would lose weight.

But it worked.

I gained a lot of muscle and lost my body fat.

He was in a group of friends who had similar diets.

He used to get nervous that I was going to change the diet because I was not happy with it, he recalled.

But once I started to understand the weight loss side of things, it really clicked.

I really felt I had done something good, he added.

�I did not eat much and I never ate much for two months, so I never went back to eating all of my carbs.

My goal was to go to my normal weight,� he said, but he never had a significant weight loss despite using the diet.

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