Which bodybuilders in their 70s are still busting out their gym clothes?

Here’s a look at some of the bodybuilders of the 70s who are still hanging around gym clothes.

Bodybuilding gym clothing: The first wave of bodybuilders to get big were the big-name bodybuilders, but as time passed, they started dressing like the other guys in the gym.

Aussie-born bodybuilder Richard Burton in his early 20s, now in his 70s, wears a shirt that says, “I am a bodybuilder” in red, white and blue.

In a video clip, Burton, who has become a well-known figure in the fitness world, tells the camera, “You see me in the mirror I look so different from the other gym-goers.

I am a muscle man, I have good muscle tone, good body fat.”

Richard Burton (left) and John Paul Jones in 1988.

He has also worked as a model, actor and an Olympic champion.

Burton has also been involved in the Australian bodybuilding community, but he says he has “no interest” in competing anymore.

He told the ABC that “the big-time bodybuilders have gone out of fashion” and “they’re not worth the time anymore”.

Burkham is not the only one to have opted for a casual look.

Australian bodybuilder Scott Hargrove is seen in a video of him wearing a suit with a shirt in the shape of an Aussie flag, which he wore for more than 40 years.

Scott Hargropoe, pictured with his wife, says he’s not a body builder anymore.

Hargroove says that he is “not interested” in being seen with a suit. “

I’ve retired from the sport, I don’t even want to go into it anymore,” he said.

Hargroove says that he is “not interested” in being seen with a suit.

Australian bodybuilder John Paul, who is also in his 60s, says that the bodybuilding world is “dying”.

“Bodybuilding is a dying art,” he told the New York Post.

Paul said that he used to dress “pretty well” but he “has to say, I feel really sick now”.

He said he “had a bad experience” with the clothes he bought for his younger days.

At his home in Sydney, Hargroth is still dressed in gym clothes and has not changed.

“[I] wear my gym suit every day, and I think that’s the main thing about it,” he says.

And while Paul is now retired, he is not stopping doing bodybuilding.

When asked if he is a bodybuilding aficionado, Hares says he is.

I’m a body-builder, he said, “but I’m not really into that at the moment.”

Hares says that there are people who are looking to be bodybuilders and “there are other people who want to do that but I think the biggest bodybuilding fans are the guys who are doing it for their own personal development.

This is a compilation of all of the videos that were released in the 90s showing the men in the bodybuilder outfits of the 90’s.

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