Young Indian bodybuilder receives $500,000 after making a shocking confession

What is bodybuilder?

Bodybuilding is a term used to describe an athlete who performs a set of exercises to enhance his or her physique.

Bodybuilders include professional bodybuilders, amateur bodybuilders and bodybuilders from all walks of life.

It is not uncommon for bodybuilders to compete in a bodybuilding competition, or for one to compete on a competitive level.

Bodybuilder xxxx (18) of Hyderabad, India, has won the world title for the last two years and was on his way to winning the title in the next three when he made the horrifying confession.

Bodybuilder xxxxxxxxxxxx (19) of Delhi, India is a member of the All India Bodybuilding Federation.

This is the first time that an athlete has made a major confession in the history of bodybuilding.

He told his interviewer that he had started working with a woman in 2015 to improve his physique, and she had cheated on him with a man in 2017.

The woman was still in her 20s and had been living with her father in his family home.

After getting married in 2017, he told his wife that he would continue working with her if she would cheat on him.

However, when he was caught with a female friend of the woman’s in 2019, he said he would cheat.

He said that he has had a boyfriend since his twenties and he was living with him in his parents’ house.

The confession was recorded by the interviewer and posted on the website of the Indian Bodybuilding Association, a bodybuilder bodybuilder training organization in Hyderabad.

According to the website, the federation has a membership of about 30,000 members and around 5,000 of them are women.

Bodybuilding has become a very popular sport in India, and there are around 3,000 bodybuilders competing in bodybuilding competitions.

There are over 50 bodybuilders in India and about 80,000 athletes competing in the sport.

Bodypart measurements are also very popular.

In 2017, Bodypart-specific bodybuilding contests were held in all the major Indian cities.

Bodyparts include arms, chest, shoulders, back, thighs and legs.

The winner of each contest is rewarded with $100,000.

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