Big hairy body builder gets huge tattoo on his chest

RTE 1/2 The tattooed bodybuilder is on the brink of breaking the Guinness World Record for the biggest tattoo on a human body.

He was spotted on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana last week and was so impressed with his tattoo that he went ahead with the process of self-publishing the photo and asking for the Guinness world record to be recognised.

It’s the second largest tattoo in the world, after the one on the Brazilian national flag that was made famous in the film The Incredible Hulk.

The world record is currently held by an Australian man named Anthony Smith who had a tattoo on the side of his neck of a giant snake and a bull’s eye on his forearm.

The Guinness World Records was created by a group of volunteers who were looking for a way to keep track of the most tattooed people in the globe.

The group wanted a record to recognise those who have the most tattoos.

The only requirement was that the person needed to have the tattoo removed.

“I didn’t think it would be accepted for such a large tattoo,” Mr Smith said.

“It was quite a challenge to get the tattoo on my arm but it’s not a bad thing, it’s a very impressive tattoo.”

People have asked me if I could do the record on my chest but I can’t do it now because it’s on the record.

“My record has been on my sleeve for a long time and I’ve always wanted it to be there.”

To be able to do this record I just had to keep pushing myself.””

If I was to get another record I would do it all over again but I’m not going to stop until the record is there.

“Mr Smith has a tattoo of a large crocodile on his arm and his tattoo has also featured on the flag of South Africa.

Mr Smith is hoping to have a second record on his body tattoo by the end of this year.”


I’m very interested in this and if people want to learn more about it, I’ll be able talk about it.”


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