Massive bodybuilder loses 50 pounds and becomes a new man

BILLIE LOPEZ, 34, of Houston, Texas, lost 50 pounds over the past five years, which included a recent visit to the hospital, her physician, Dr. Kevin T. McInnis, said Thursday.

She had been eating only six meals a day and only exercising about 15 minutes a day.

She has not had any problems with her weight, and was “on a mission” to lose it.

“I feel better than I have in years,” Lopez said.

“I am not trying to be thin.

I just want to get in shape and stay slim.

I’m not trying that.

I am trying to keep weight down and not get fat.”

She gained 20 pounds last year.

She also is taking a multivitamin.

McInnis said Lopezez was a patient who needed regular follow-up care because of her size.

He added that Lopezes doctors did not recommend a diet for weight loss.

He said the doctor who treated Lopezie was a very good naturopath who had been doing a lot of research on how to manage obesity and diabetes.

The weight loss began in the summer of 2009 when she started exercising four to five times a week.

It quickly became difficult to lose the weight.

Lopezed also has had trouble controlling her blood sugar levels.

After several weeks, her weight fell to 20 to 25 pounds, which was more than she weighed when she was a child.

She lost that weight after she started taking an oral medication called ketamine, which has anti-anxiety and mood-boosting properties.

In the past year, Lopezo has lost the weight but has not been able to lose a substantial amount of it, according to her physician.

She is trying to eat healthy foods, drink water, get in good shape and avoid smoking.

She has gained muscle mass and is gaining a little bit of lean muscle mass, according.

McNinsis said Lopes body was “really well balanced” before her weight loss and now her body is “really thin and strong.”

“She has a very nice physique,” McNinnes said.

I don’t know what her plan is now, but I know her weight has been dropped to a healthy weight.

I hope to see her gain a little more weight before she sees her doctor again.

Dr. William L. Anderson, a professor of nutrition at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, said that Lopes weight loss was “quite remarkable.”

He added: “We have found that the weight loss is reversible, and it is a very successful diet.

We believe the body can regain the weight and maintain that weight loss.”

McNinsises doctor, Dr., Dr. James D. Lapp, said LOPEZEZ is on a “fast track” to losing weight and said her doctor is concerned for her health because of the effects of diabetes and obesity on her liver.

She will be undergoing an ultrasound examination to determine if the surgery will be needed.

At least seven of the 14 patients Lopes doctors have seen have been able and willing to lose weight, including three of her daughters, who have all been in remission.

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