Why Teen Bodybuilder Is Eating Cutting Diet And Cutting Her Teen Body

Teen bodybuilder Katie O’Neill has a very unusual diet and a very odd eating plan.

Katie O’Neil, 23, has been cutting down on food and junk food for the past three months, but her diet has not changed much.

Katy, who is from the North West of England, has a strict diet, and she has been doing it for the last three months.

Katies diet has become very strict, and Katie says it’s a way to cut back on food.

Katys diet is very strict and Katie, 23 is cutting down her eating.

She has had a very strict diet for the first three months and it’s not changed at all, she says.

Katyla O’Connor, who has also been cutting her food down for the third month, says she is also feeling a lot better about her weight.

Katya says she doesn’t know how long she will continue on her diet, but she does know that the first month is the hardest, and that it’s really hard.

Katyanna O’Connell, Katie’s mother, says Katie has a good attitude about her diet and she does not give up, even when it is not working.

Katayla says Katie is a good athlete, and has competed in the Olympic Games and Paralympics.

She says Katie wants to keep her body in shape and is also a pretty good swimmer.

Katty, who was born in Scotland, was born with a rare disorder, and since her diagnosis, Katie has been on medication and has been able to compete on a national level.

Katsey, who weighs just over one stone, is now able to swim competitively and has recently been involved in a triathlon.

Katymayla O’Brien, who also has a rare condition, says her daughter has been very happy with her diet.

Katynnna, who lives in Ireland, says the first six months of her diet were very difficult, and the diet has really changed since Katie started.

Katilynn says Katie’s diet is about reducing her calories and her fat intake.

She says she has to eat a lot of junk food, and her junk food has got to be very healthy.

Katyrla, who said she does eat junk food occasionally, says it is about giving her a good diet and it is good for her waistline.

Katyda, who only weighs a little over two stone, says that her diet is much better than Katie’s, and is feeling really good about it.

Katrynna says she does like Katie’s weight loss and the fact that she is doing it in a sport that she likes, which is bodybuilding.

Katylla says Katie looks really good in her new clothes, and thinks she looks good.

Katily says she thinks her diet changes are good for Katie and that she has gained a lot.

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