Former Australian bodybuilder dany ‘Darth’ Garcia’s latest memoir reveals her struggles

Former bodybuilder Dany Garcia has penned her latest memoir, entitled ‘The Greatest Body: A Memoir of My Bodybuilding Journey’ , in which she reveals the painful truth behind the name “Darth” and shares the struggles she had to face.

In her memoir, Garcia describes the journey she and her husband, James, went through, which included many setbacks in their personal lives, including being sued by a bodybuilding magazine and being called a ‘slut’ by the local media.

Dany’s memoirs are not the only thing in the works for the 34-year-old, who is also writing a film about her life.

The pair will be producing a biopic of Garcia that will be released in 2019.

Garcia was born in Australia in 1991 and moved to the US when she was nine.

She was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2010.

She underwent three surgeries and had to spend the next two years on a ventilator before her death in 2017.

In a blog post on her website, Garci said her bodybuilding journey was a ‘wake up call’.’

In my mind I knew I was no longer fit for the world, no longer worthy of being called ‘Dwayne’ or ‘Davy’ or even ‘Dany’, she said.’

I was going to be the one who would go down fighting, I was going for a title.

The one who got to call himself ‘The Incredible Hulk’ because I could still lift and do everything.’

And it’s been a dream come true to write this book, and now to share it with all my fans around the world.’

Dany Garci (left) and her brother James.

Garci said she never wanted to be a bodybuilder, but her family was supportive of her journey.’

My family and friends were incredibly supportive, and when my cancer finally kicked in they encouraged me to take my chances,’ she wrote.’

In doing so, they were showing me the value of my journey and of my determination, to make my own way, and to be myself.’

Garcia had previously worked as a model, singer and actress, but was fired from those roles in 2009 after her husband James filed a lawsuit against, which he claimed was ‘reckless’ and that they had discriminated against Garcia based on her gender.

Garquez wrote that she was fired after a ‘frivolous, irrational’ dispute over her husband’s appearance.

Garceson also said that she had received death threats and that her home was vandalised.

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